When to Call in a Professional

What do you do when keeping a spotless house isn’t good enough to keep the bugs out? It isn’t just a saying, to be “bugged” and “pestered.” These insects will do that and more to your pets and loved ones unless you seek professional assistance. When any one of these five signs below happen, it’s time to call Cross Pest Control!


1. Even in Florida, it gets a little chilly.

Pests love to join you in the comforts of your home when the weather drops a notch. Even with the doors and windows closed, these break-in experts will find a way through your vents and cracks. Once inside, they may never leave and begin to breed right under you nose. Keep an eye open and take action.


2. Your Florida home has excess moisture.

A ROACH!!! Moisture creates an inviting habit for pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and termites. The dark and wet places create a heavenly abyss for the pests, a nightmare for you, and a job for Cross Pest Control.


3. Pests come out in the day to say: "Hello!"

If a burglar walked into your kitchen during breakfast, you'd make a call to the police wouldn’t you? Why are the pests that harm your loved ones any less significant? When unwelcome visitors make themselves known, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional.


4. There’s love in the air! No... wait, that’s the sound of pests breeding.

Despite the different breeding seasons of each pest, their nests typically contain hundreds and millions of eggs. They'll hatch in no time – just imagine if they decide to do that during your next family function! Check your pet for fleas (talk to your vet) and take precautionary steps to avoid fleas on your pet. Besides making your pet very happy, you can prevent these tiny nasty pests from getting into your house. This is a perfect time to call the experts to have these pests controlled!

5. Nothing – I mean nothing – has worked.

BUZZ, BITE, BITE, SCRATCH, SCRATCH: that’s all you hear and feel despite your numerous attempts to protect your family from these horrors. When over-the-counter preventative measures don’t work, Cross Pest Control is there to make you the hero of your home.