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Our Bradenton division has proudly served Bradenton for many years. We value all of our clients and and make sure that we treat you, your home, or business with the respect it deserves. Our technicians have the necessary experience and have earned a place in our family through the pride they take in their work. 


Bradenton Office:

1506 53rd Ave W Bradenton, FL 34207



Our Family Serving Yours In Bradenton

Our trusted Service Providers are known for their Longevity with our Company!

We Exterminate:

Bed Bugs









Stinging Insects

Bed Bug Solutions


Don't Live with Bed Bugs. Don't share your bed or furniture with with bugs. We are trained in removing bed bug infestations. It is essential to implement a thorough procedure to inspect, administer treatment and exterminate your bug problem. Call us today for a free quote by phone.


Bed bugs​ are freeloaders. They can hitch rides in your luggage and travel with you to buses, trains, into your home, from hotel rooms into your own bed. When they get in your bed, they feed on you at night. It can take about 10 mintues for them to feed, but since most people are asleep, they don't notice that they were bitten until after it happened. It can be difficult to distinguish between a bite from a bed bug, spider, or mosquitoes. Though bed bugs are not considered to be disease carriers, their bites can cause swelling and itching. In addition to the bites, female bed bugs can lay about 200-250 eggs which hatch hungry blood-seeking imps in about 10 days.

General Pest Solutions


Cross Pest Control utilizes an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to residential, commercial and Industrial pest management.


Our state registered service providers will start by visiting your home or business. Once there, they will evaluate the interior and outer perimeter of your home to identify pest problems and potential areas of concern. We treat the inside and as a courtesy  we will spray on the outside if/when needed.


Cross Pest Control has the answers to all of your pest control needs!

Termite Solutions


We are experienced in termite identification and control. Our technicians are experienced in treating sub-teranian termite infestations. If you have any questions about termites, our technicians have all of the answers you need to put your mind at rest.


We treat termites with Termidor®.  Termidor® is an advanced technology liquid that termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid.  Ingestion is not the only way Termidor® works. It even kills termites by contact. This is good news for you because whenever a termite ingests or touches it carries it to, and kills, every other termite it comes in contact with.

Rodent Solutions


Rodents cause many problems around your home. From chewing wires to carrying possible diseases, rodents are trouble. You can rid your home or business of rodents with our monthly rodent box service. Rodent boxes are placed outside of your home or business and we also seal any rodent entryways in your home or building. Once rodents are fully eliminated from inside your home or business, we can provide monthly preventative service to keep them from coming back.



SMALL PRINT: We treat the inside of the home, and the outer perimeter of the home. We do not treat the yard.

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